Bulbasaur Walking Gif
Its transparent too :)


Bulbasaur Walking Gif

Its transparent too :)

What’s up with everyone making magic with Emma Stone
I wanna make magic with Emma Stone *bawls like a five year old* :’(


Another thing I noticed is that most of my stories begin with quotes.
Before I used to do it so I could remember the overall theme when I didnt write for a long time, now its just a thing I do almost unknowingly. Feels like I need it or otherwise my story hasnt truly begun…
Im so many level of weird
Also I need to write a story novel style sometime soon, I feel less restricted as I do with scripts
specially the fact that you can deviate alot and build a rich history and share stories that arent really bringing much to the main storyline but are still fun to share
Two different beasts

Dont know what to work on next
I feel like all I do lately is plan, plan and plan some more
I kinda miss writing and making things up as I go

Film a rainy day
Film a sunny day
The two above being fairly easy to do
Then need to film the city skyline at sunrise and at sun down
And need to film the sky in transition from rainy to sunny and sunny to rainy
Bit more complicated
But need to get those stock footage for later on

The drinking never stops on that friday night