Making Sense Of Things

Maybe…I am just one of those people…waiting for a moment where everything makes sense. Where everything goes so accordingly that it feels as if a greater power is steering the wheel.

Maybe I’m one of those hopeless people, hoping that fate is guiding me towards something more. Maybe because I, like those people, need to reassure myself, that whatever bumps came my way, they came to help me move forward toward my destination.

Maybe I am one of those people who would rather see the miracles then the coincidences. Maybe I need to be a believer cause hope, whether false or true, gives the soul a certain sense of peace…a certain sense of security.

Because maybe I, like those people, am searching for something more out of the confusion that is my life. Maybe I too need something to fight towards, knowing, hoping that it will be waiting for me once I make it out of the chaos.

Maybe I am of those hopefuls, waiting for that instance…where every dot will connect and everything will be illuminated. And every arrow will point toward destiny and destiny will be waiting with arms open before me.

Just maybe…